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Gift Guide: For the Home Chef

Authentic Japanese cookware that will delight any home chef. 
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    Ambai Yukihira Nabe | 20cm

    Original Price $155.00USD
    Current Price $149.00USD

    Produced by designer Makoto Koizumi, the Ambai series is a thoughtfully designed curated collection of classic Japanese cooking tools. Lightweigh...

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  • Takoyaki Pan v2


    Note: NOT compatible with induction stoves. For Takoyaki Pan for induction stoves, see here: Takoyaki Pan (Induction Compatible) If you've ever bee...

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  • Oyako Nabe Pan - Bento&co
    Oyako Nabe Pan - Bento&co

    Oyako Nabe Pan


    Oyako Nabe is a classic Japanese pan with a vertical handle.  Product Description Our authentic Oyako Nabe Pan is specifically designed to make oy...

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  • Oyako Nabe Lid


    This is the matching lid for our Oyako Nabe Pan. Product Description Make authentic Japanese oyakodon with our Oyako Nabe Pan and this matching li...

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  • Rice Cooker - Bento&co
    Rice Cooker - Bento&co

    Rice Cooker


    The Rice Cooker is a super convenient device for cooking rice right in your microwave! What we love about it: Can cook enough rice for 1 to 2 peo...

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  • Taiyaki Pan


    Have a taste of Japan at home with yummy taiyaki waffles! Taiyaki is a classic Japanese street food. It's a fish-shaped waffle, traditionally fille...

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  • Wooden Sushi Oke


    Have a sushi party at home with the Wooden Sushi Oke! A Sushi Oke, otherwise known as a handai or hangiri, is a traditional wooden container used ...

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  • Triple Pan - Bento&co
    Triple Pan - Bento&co

    Triple Pan


    Cook all your Bento dishes with one go! Product Description The Triple Pan is a 24 cm aluminum pan featuring three separate sections for cooking ...

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