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Absolutely everything we have here at Bento&co... wait, did we forget anyone? No? Great! 

  • Miniatuart | Tool Kit


    The Miniaturart | Tool Kit contains everything you need to complete our Miniatuart Paper Models and other detailed paper crafts. Product Descripti...

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  • Panda Sando | Heart


    The Panda Sando | Heart allows you to easily create heart-shaped pocket sandwiches! Product Description What is a pocket sandwich? It's basically a...

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  • Ladle (Skimmer)


    Tigercrown Co., founded in 1959, is based in Tsubame Sanjo, Japan’s center of cutlery and steel manufacturing. They offer an impressive lineup of “...

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  • Baby Penguin Onigiri


    Product Description You can make baby panda rice balls in three simple steps: 1. Put the rice in the panda mold. 2. Cut a sheet of nori (seaweed) ...

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