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Insulated Double Onigiri Case | Paris

Original Price $12.10USD
Current Price $4.26USD
SKU P-3122
Onigiri Boxes are small in size but with multiple uses. Enjoy these triangle-shaped boxes, meant to carry your onigiri (rice balls) or any kind of snack, for whenever you feel hungry!

Product Description

Insulated Double Onigiri Case | Paris provides a unique way to store your rice balls, or small snacks! Open the zip, and you will see that the inner part of the case is insulated, keeping your food fresh for lunch! The case is a powder blue, featuring a cute white and red polka dot Eiffel Tower on the front of the case, with the sides a stripy red and white pattern.

It is designed to hold two onigiri, but of course you don't need to put onigiri in it - any snack you want will fit neatly in this bento, be it cheese, fruit or anything else. Use this bento for in between meals, snacks, or as a compliment to your other bento to extend your meal. The small loop on the top of the case makes it convenient and easy to carry!
Product Details
Dimensions: 10 x 10.5 x 8.5
Materials: polyester, aluminium, EVA resin, nylon, zinc alloy
NOT Dishwasher or Microwave Safe!
Made in China