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Tomodachi Dog Bundle


A convenient and durable bento bundle for the little ones! This set includes our popular Tomodachi Dog Animal Bento and matching accessories. Perfect for packing a healthy meal for young kids.

Tomodachi Kids Animal Bento | Dog

A convenient bowl-shaped lunch box designed for child-friendly use. Two leak-resistant clasps protect food from accidental spills, and the sloped edges of the container allow for easy food scooping. A removable internal divider is included to help organize a well-balanced meal.

Tomodachi Fork Set | Dog

A colorful fork set designed for kids. The fork folds into itself for compact storage and transport.

Cool Lunch Bag | Animals

An insulated lunch bag adorned with adorable animal shapes and a removable inner cool pack. The spacious interior fits a small or medium sized bento box and a small drink.