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Obento House Bundle


Feel at home no matter where you eat! This cute bundle features a Red Obento House Bento Box and matching accessories. Ideal for kids or those with smaller appetites.

Obento House Lunch Box | Red

A house-shaped bento box featuring two sealed tiers and one roof compartment that is big enough for two small rice balls or mini sandwiches. Perfect for a main dish, side and dessert or snack. A cool gel pack is also included.

Obento House Chopsticks | Red

A set of 18 cm natural wood chopsticks with a cozy house-shaped case.

Polka Dots Bag | Red

A sweet and timeless cotton bento bag with white polka dots over a strawberry red background.

Silicone Cups

Organize your food and keep flavors separated with convenient round silicone cups. Easy to clean and microwave safe!