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Kokeshi Ninja Bundle


A fun Japan-inspired bento set, featuring our exclusive Ninja Kokeshi Doll Kyoto Bento Box and matching accessories. 

Kokeshi Doll Kyoto Bento Box | Ninja

The Ninja Kokeshi Doll Kyoto Bento Box is a stealth warrior. He's fierce and yet so cute wielding two ninja stars! Kokeshi bento boxes consist of: 

- a two-layered box featuring an upper compartment with a domed, leak-resistant inner lid 
- an inverted bowl disguised as a cute headpiece for the kokeshi doll
- an elastic bento band to hold everything together

GO OUT Cutlery | Brick Red

A compact case containing a spoon, fork, knife and collapsible chopsticks. Ideal for camping or any time you need to pack light!

Wafu Cloth Bag | Ocean Wave

A simple cotton bento bag, showcasing the traditional seigaiha ocean wave pattern. This pattern has been used throughout history to adorn temple halls, represent waves on old maps and decorate costumes in ancient gagaku court dances.

Okazu Picks

The Okazu Picks include 8 cute little picks shaped like bento side dishes! Broccoli, boiled eggs, sausages and fried shrimps. How cute are they?!