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Beginner Bundle | Simple

Designed exclusively for Bento Beginners, embark on your bento journey with this simple beginner’s bundle, containing the perfect lunch set- a bento box, cutlery, and a bag to put everything into!

Takenaka Lunch Box | Black:This lunch box has a very simple, yet beautiful design.  Open inside to find two layers of bento box goodness that is perfect for a larger lunch. The top layer also comes with a leak-resistant inner lid.
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GO OUT Cutlery | Greenery: With a compact case containing a spoon, fork, knife and collapsable chopsticks, never go unprepared with the Go Out Cutlery Set! Featuring a unique raised polka dot surface and 10 stylish colors to choose from. No longer do you have to agonize over what cutlery you may need for today’s bento- this convenient cutlery set takes care of it all!
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Furoshiki Musubi Medium | Green Mix: Furoshiki Kitsune is a 48 cm (27.55") square cloth beautifully decorated with light grey, pink, purple, and green squares. It's a stylish and practical solution for wrapping your bento box. It also serves as a beautiful table mat at lunchtime! Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. You can use them for so many things! - as an impromptu bag, to wrap things for storage, or as a reusable gift wrapping ( ᐛ )و!
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