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Onigiri Box Medium | Tama

SKU 50450

The Onigiri Box is our cutest onigiri bentos. Small in size but with multiple uses. This triangle shaped box have two sections inside and is designed to hold a single onigiri, rice ball on one side and any other snack on the other. Of course you don't need to put onigiri in it - any snack you want will fit neatly in this bento, be it cheese, fruit or anything else. Use this bento for in between meals or as a compliment to your other bento to extend your meal. The cute characters will definitely brighten up your day!

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Product Description

This Onigiri Box is triangular like an onigiri, the classic Japanese rice ball. There are two separate compartments in this little container - the bottom compartment even has its own lid! 

Tama Yellow - the happy, smiling girl (yellow lower compartment) 

The inner lid for the lower compartment is tight enough to have semi-liquidy foods, like pasta, in it without leaking. 

Details & Care 

  • S Size
  • The box lid is made of ABS-PET. The box (lower compartment) is made of polypropylene; the inner lid is made of polyethylene. 
  • The lower compartment box is microwave safe with both lids removed.
  • Hand washing is recommended. 
  • Total capacity: 250 ml (upper compartment: 150ml, lower compartment: 100)
  • Measurements: 90 × 85 × 60 mm (3.54" x 3.35" x 2.26")
  • Made in Japan.