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Ojyu Bento Box 900ml | Black

SKU 51588

The Ojyu Bento Box is a stylish lunch box with painted motifs reminiscent of Hydrangeas that bloom in Japan each spring.

Product Description

The Ojyu Bento Box is a rectangle-shaped, two-tier bento box. Each compartment has its own flexible, leak-resistant inner lid. The outside of the box is decorated with a dramatic flower pattern with a purposefully weathered look. More than just a bento box, it’s a beautiful keepsake to own and display. 
Additionally, two of these two-tier bentos can be combined to create a great looking four-tier bento! Perfect for dinner for two- with a new surprise in each compartment.
A black elastic bento band is included. This gorgeous box is also available in red. (Consider getting the matching Ojyu to carry this beautiful box in style!)

Product Details

Total capacity: 900 ml (upper compartment: 450 ml, lower compartment: 450 ml).

Measurements: 170 × 105 × 79 mm (6.69" x 4.13" x 3.11"). 

Composition and Care

Box: PET and ABS (safe temperature range: -20°C to 140°C (-4°F to 284°F)) and is dishwasher safe
Inner lid: Polyethylene (safe temperature range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)) and should be hand washed.

The box is  microwave safe with the inner and outer lids removed. Max. 2 minutes at 700 watts (not for long-duration cooking). 

Do not place in the oven or near an open flame.

Made in Ishikawa, Japan by Hakoya.