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Original Shokado Bento Box Long | Matte Gray

SKU 44692
Go to a traditional Japanese restaurant and this is most likely the Bento box you'll find- it's the quintessential Japanese plate. It also is used for breakfasts in ryokans, traditional Japanese hotels.

The Shokado boxes can also be used for snacks or food at parties too. Crackers, candy, fresh fruit, cheeses... it's all up to you!

Product Description

Made exclusively for Bento&co, this unique bento box puts a modern twist on the classic Shokado bento. The lid and body of the Original Shokado Bento Box Long | Matte Gray are a quintessential matte gray, perfect for a unique refined look. The inside of the box is a traditional shiny black. Use this setup for anything you want- the 3 inner compartments will fit all kinds of food, including sushi, tempura, makizushi - the choice is yours!

Simple, elegant and chic - this box really celebrates what Japanese plating is all about. The shape is in the form of traditional Japanese aesthetics and it really presents your meals beautifully!

Designed for professional use and featuring an extra-large holding capacity, this bento will give an amazing presentation to any type of meal and offers enough room to satisfy even the hungriest eaters!

Product Details

Dimensions: 32.8 ×12 × H.6 cm
Capacity: 1250ml (three compartments; each compartment is 380mL)
Materials: ABS
NOT Microwave Safe or Dishwasher Safe. Hand wash only.
Made in Ishikawa, Japan.

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