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Kimono Picnic Box

Not Microwave-safe
XL Size
japanese bento box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
  • Kimono Picnic Box
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The Kimono Picnic Box is a big box perfect for picnics or at the dinner table for an elegant presentation. Available in two colors/patterns: murasaki (purple) and pink. 

Size XL


Product Description 

Kimono Picnic is a very large, two-tier box. The upper tier is divided internally into 3 sections. The lower compartment has no dividers. Each tier has its own flexible leak-resistant lid. The outer lid is covered with a beautiful traditional kimono pattern, just like our Kimono Murasaki Long and Kimono Pink Long bento boxes, which are for single-person use. The patterns depicted in the photos may vary, as the motifs are appliquéd onto the box as a small pieces of actual fabric. 



This is a very large box with a total volume of more than 2.5 liters (10.5 cups)! The bottom tier has a capacity of 1.45 liters. The top tier has a capacity of 1.07 liters. The inner lids help to keep in leaks, as well as help maintain food temperature for a few hours.

Dimensions: 20 cm × 20 cm × 10.7 cm (7.87" x 7.87" x 4.21")

A quality red elastic bento band is included, but we also recommend using a furoshiki cloth to wrap and carry this box to a picnic. 

The box body is made of ABS. The inner lids are made of polyethelene. 

Not microwave safe. Keep away from open flames. Hand washing is recommended. 

Made in Japan, in Ishikawa by Hakoya.

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