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Happy Black Friday! Discounts on EVERYTHING 🎉 Until Tuesday, Dec. 1, 5pm JST
Happy Black Friday! Discounts on EVERYTHING 🎉 Until Tuesday, Dec. 1, 5pm JST

Nishijin Bento Murasaki

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Check out our exclusive product ! Since Bento&Co has been launched ( November 2008), few products had a resounding success like the "Kimono Long" range. With Nishijin Bento, you'll recognize the famous Kimono pattern on a new large format, which may delight your appetite and your culinary creations. 

Product description

Kimono design and big capacity, this is the Nishijin bento Murasaki and Nishijin bento Pink, tailor-made for Bento&Co by our favorite maker, Hakoya.

Nishijin bento is the cousin of the famous Kimono Pink (mainly pink with big flowers) and Kimono Murasaki (mainly purple and a bit of red). The size is exactly the same than the Nami Bento one, another best-selling box !

This box consists of two large compartments. The upper tier has an sealing lid that helps prevent leaks. Both compartments are microwave safe (with lids removed). The box also comes with a contrasting red elastic band.

Just a small thing about the name of this product : Nishijin is a district in Kyoto, well known for its traditional fabrics and kimono. As the lid of Nishijin bento is made with one of those fabrics, the name was easy to find !

This bento box can only be found at Bento&co!

Product Details 


Consists in two compartments.
Total capacity : 950 ml.
Dimensions : 205 × 100 × 80 mm (8" x 39,4" x 31,5")
Weight : 480 g.
Comes with a red elastic band.

The patterns depicted in the pictures may vary, as the motifs are appliquéd onto the box as a small pieces of actual fabric.


Upper tier: 450 ml - ABS-PET
Lower tier: 500 ml - ABS-PET 


This box is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe with the inner and outer lids removed. 

Do not place in the oven or near an open flame.

Made in Japan, exclusively for Bento&co.