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La boutique spécialiste du bento en direct de Kyoto au Japon !

Bento Boxes - All

See our latest Bento Box products as well as our Traditional Bento Boxes at Bento&co. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit every Bento lover. Discover the new trends in lunch-boxes or just opt for a guaranteed long-lasting success by browsing our collection of Bento Boxes sorted from the Newest to Oldest.

  • Bento Boxes Sales
    Cooking With Dog  | Bento Boxes
  • Onigiri Boxes | Ume
  • Shokado Sakura
  • Kimono Long Bento | Pink
  • Edo Bento
  • Shokado Kaga
  • Obento House | Pink
  • Yamanaka Sakura
  • Kokeshi Bento Maihime
  • Ojyu Bento Long
  • Bento Boxes Sales
    Chat du Café Square
  • Big Bento Mokume
  • Fruits Lunch Bowl
  • California Style Bento
  • Owan Bento
  • Big Norio
  • Tomodachi Kids Animals Bento | Bear
  • Fuku Usagi Blue
  • Kinoko Bento | Red
  • Higanbana Bento
  • Usagi Shikiri Bento Blue
  • Big Kokeshi Bento Maneki-Neko Black
  • Irodori
  • Book Bento | Navy

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