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WanWan Bowl Bento | Sanpo Usagi

SKU 50476

A traditionally crafted Japanese bowl bento- great for a soup, stew or pasta lunch!

Product Description 

Wan (椀) is the Japanese word for a bowl, traditionally made from turned wood and generally used for soup.
WanWan are chic plastic boxes taking inspiration from Japanese woodboxes and lacquerware.
Consisting of three compartments: a lower bowl, perfect for holding rice; a flexible-leak resistant mid compartment, perfect for your 'okazu' or side dishes, and an upper bowl (not leak-proof) for your instant soup. 

The Sanpo Usagi Bowl Bento is adorned with a charming design featuring bunnies frolicking on a polished red lacquer surface.

An elastic bento band is included.

Size M.

Product Details 

Total capacity: 500 ml (the middle, sealed compartment has a capacity of 190 ml, and bowls have a total capacity of 310 ml). 

Dimensions: 11cm (4.3") diameter, 10 cm (3.9") high. 

Composition: Bowls and mid compartment: PET-ABS (safe temperature range: -20°C to 140°C (-4°F to 284°F) . Inner flexible: Polyethylene (safe temperature range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)). 

Product Care

Bowls and mid compartment are microwave and dishwasher safe with the inner flexible lid removed. 

Note: the bowl is not leakproof, so avoid carrying liquid soup in it! Carry a packet of instant soup with you, and add hot water when ready to eat.

Made by Hakoya in Ishikawa, Japan.