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Thick Julienne peeler

SKU A-76918

Surprise your guests with this salad peeler! Perfect Julienne slices !


No more grappling with a knife; use this peeler and have thickly sliced vegetables in seconds! You can now quickly and easily add a vegetable salad or side dish to your meal! (^_−)☆

The Japanese name of this product is [ Shirishiri Peeler ].  "Shirishiri" is a dialect of Okinawa meaning "shredded". With a thickness of 0.2 mm, you can sweeten vegetables such as carrots, radishes, cucumbers quickly and cleanly. Unlike the T-shaped peeler pulling towards you, the cutting direction is away from your fingers, so you can cook safely without worrying of injury. It's easy to hold with a slim body and thumb fitting design.

The peeler can be used for left-handers by reversing the direction of the blades. Furthermore, this product is made out of stainless steel, which prevents it from rusting and extends its longevity!

This peeler also comes with a safety cover, perfect for keeping the sharp edges hidden when not in use.

We recommend you to put the vegetable cuts in cold water for a while in order for them to remain crunchy !


Body: ABS resin
Handle frame: Stainless steel
Peeling edge: Stainless steel cutlery
Safety cover: Methacrylic resin

Product size, approx:
Peeler: W3 x D24 x H3.5cm
Safety Cover: W7.5x D3.5 x H1cm

Please note that this product is NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. Hand wash ONLY.