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Organic Anko (Sweet Red Bean Paste)

SKU 128422
 Anko is a sweet red bean paste commonly used in Japanese confections. The paste is made by boiling red azuki beans, sweetening with sugar and pureeing.

This package of Organic Anko (Sweet Red Bean Paste) contains Tsubuan (Chunky type anko) made with organic azuki beans and sugar. We recommend using it to make Taiyaki. Also delicious with mochi, ice cream and pancakes! Even spread with butter on toast!

Compared to a lot of other anko on the market, this one has a reduced sweetness that is perfect for those who don't like desserts to be cloyingly sweet.


  • 300 g per package
  • Made in Japan
  • To microwave, please transfer anko to a microwaveable container and cover with plastic wrap. You can also warm the unopened bag in a pot of hot water, but please be careful not to burn yourself when opening the packet.
  • Simple recipe tip: You can make also Zenzai sweet red bean soup with this packet. Japanese people often eat it in winter and this soup is served with mochi rice cakes. To make it, simply put 300 ml of water and the whole packet of anko (300 g) in a pan and warm. Enjoy with mochi!

    Want to use this anko to make Taiyaki? Check out our 'how-to' video below!