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Let's Sando! Mold

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SKU SA-001

With the Let's Sando mold, it's just so easy to make cute bear-shaped pocket sandwiches that fit in your bento.

Pocket sandwich is basically two pieces of sandwich bread that are cut and sealed on the edges, with filling inside. Pocket sandwiches are cute and easy to eat, especially for small children. They are very popular in Japan, and are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores (konbini). 


How to use it :

1) Lightly toast two pieces of sandwich bread (you can also microwave them for easy cutting).

2) Put the filling in the middle and try not to extend all the way to the edges of the bread. 

3) Press hard the two pieces with the Let's Sando mold. Gently take off the mold, you'll get a sandwich that is sealed all around the edges. 

4) It's ready, let's eat it :) (or put it in your bento) !

5) Don't throw the crusts out ! You can make some french toasts with an egg, or breadcrumb for tempuras...

Molds measurements : about 9,5cm in diameter (3.7") and 3cm thick (1.2").
Made in polypropylene. 

Made in Japan.