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Takenoko Chocolate Biscuits

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Attention Japanese sweet lovers! Introducing two of the most famous chocolate cookies here in Japan- Takenoko and Kinoko

Product Description

Among Japanese chocolates, the Takenoko and Kinoko chocolate biscuits are a quintessential snack. Ask any Japanese person about his/her favorite sweet, and you are sure to hear about the Takenoko (bamboo shoots) and Kinoko (mushrooms).

These two snacks differ slightly in their shape, cookie taste and amount of chocolate. However, they both provide the simple pleasure of a satisfying chocolatey *crunch*

Choose you favorite or try them both!

Product Details

Each of these boxes includes about a dozen pieces inside an airtight packet. Keep them fresh and crunchy by storing them in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Sugar, flour, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, shortening, egg, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, egg white, margarine, marzipan, lactose, skimmed milk powder, salt, skim powder, malt extract / emulsifier, blowing agent, flavor. Contains wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients and soy.