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Furikake Yukari-chan

SKU 302114

The Furikake is a Japanese condiment for sprinkling on rice. Perfect for your onigiri or rice in your bento box!

Product Description

Furikake is a spice mix that extra flavor and color to your rice. Furikake Yukari-chan is a classic furikake made with Yukari, the purple leaves of the perilla plant (also known as the beefsteak plant or Shiso) mixed with salt- essential to all Japanese cuisine!

We recommend adding about one or two tablespoons per 320 grams of rice, but of course you can add as much as you please!


  • Volume: 26 g per package
  • Vegan: OK
  • Ingredients: Beefsteak Plant (Red Shiso leaves), salt, sugar, malic acids and monosodium glutamate.
  • Made in Japan by Mishima.