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Bento Weekend 17 Results: Wrap Bento!

Here’s an entry for this week's Bento Weekend, Wrap Bento!


This bento is from Delphine: a bento for the whole family, consisting of rolled pancakes with ham and egg noodles to eat wherever you want.

And her recipe is simple:

- For buckwheat pancakes (10 large): 330 g buckwheat flour, 10 g coarse salt, 75 ml of cold water and an egg. Wrap ham, gouda and fill with peas

- For egg noodles: noodles on that you previously cooked, break an egg and add a little grated cheese on top.

You can then decorate with some carrot flowers, black sesame seeds, a small peak or other ideas of your own, up to your creativity!
Delphine, thank you for this amazing bento!

For all you others, make sure to join us for the next Bento Weekend, which we'll post about on the blog tomorrow!

See you all soon!



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