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Bento Weekend 16!: Halloween Bento!

BOO! w(゚o゚)w

Yay! Halloween is coming! Ghosts, goblins, robots, chefs; you can be whatever you want on that day… and so can your bento! This week, we're asking you to make a Halloween-themed bento for this week's Bento Weekend! "<{O□O}>"

And, as always, send us your photos to The best will be published on the blog, and all participants will receive a voucher for 15% off! ヽ (^ ^ Д) ノ You have until midnight Wednesday to participate.

We'd love it if you'd send us pictures of bento made ​​in our boxes, and we can publish on our website!

Finally, just a reminder that every month we select the best recipe for bento—attach your photo a detailed explanation on making your bento, the selected recipe will appear on the blog, on social networks and even in the newsletter!

And above all, have a great Halloween! Muhahaha! w(゚o゚)w

Thanks to Chiharu for the picture!

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