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Bento Weekend 15 Results: Rainbow Bento!

Here are our entries for this week's Bento Weekend, Rainbow Bento!

Our first up is from our wonderful friend Rie, and it is a pretty one; it is a salad with toppings that come in 8 colors! And it's in our Lunch Bowl Hana!

The main bowl has green lettuce and snow peas with Camembert cheese and grapes. And the toppings are:

  • small cups of pie crusts
  • red tomato
  • white radish
  • orange paprika
  • purple onion
  • blue grapes
  • pink cured ham
  • yellow persimmon

Great job, Rie!

Our next submission is from Lilith. Her bento has flowers made of vegan ham, radish, tofu, almonds and sesame seeds, peppers and avocado. Mmmmm…

Lilith is using our of our Jiji Bento Boxes and some of our Silicone Square Cups.

Well done, Lilith! Very nice!

And, our last entry is from Catherine—a very vibrant rainbow bento! Very beautiful and I image it would be fun to eat!

Again, very well done everyone!

For all you others, make sure to join us for the next Bento Weekend, which we'll post about on the blog tomorrow!

See you all soon!

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