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I – Inarizushi Bento

I made these Inarizushi bentos for Keiko and Ai, two wonderful girls working at Bento&co, when they came to Norway to visit me this summer. The brown pouches are thin fried tofu which has been cooked in rather sweet broth and they are packed with sour and sweet sushi rice. I served these Inarizushi the day after their arrival thinking they would be tired after the long flight from Japan, and my hope was that the combination of sugar and vinegar would give them a good kick off to start their holiday. Maybe it was a bit strange to serve so common Japanese food to them in Oslo and my apologies are represented here by the sea of Norwegian flags.

I myself love Inarizushi and whenever I make a bento of Inarizushi and upload a photo on my Facebook page, I am amazed to see so many of you share the fondness for Inarizushi with me. If you can buy Abura Age (a thin fried tofu) you can make home-made Inarizushi. There are also pre-made Inarizushi pouches and the one I buy come frozen and they look like this.


I find it is easier to open them up when they are defrosted at room temperature. I always use wet fingers when I carefully open the pouch.


I make a small ball of sushi rice, it is about 35-40g.


I leave some room so that it can fold in and close the open end.


Then I place the open end down and gently press it so that the rice at the open end will be flat and it will sit nicely on a serving plate or in a bento box.

You can leave the open end open and fill Inarizushi with your favorite food as well.


A colorful Inarizushi bento with different ingredients!

I also have a good recipe for cooking Abura Age for Inarizushi from scratch and I will share it with you when I get Abura Age (today it was sold out). It takes time but it is fun to make home-made Inarizushi from scratch! So I hope you can join me for cooking. Thank you!


Rie - Bento specialist, Oslo, Norway

Hello, I love to cook and bake and I enjoy making bento everyday. I was one of the finalists at Bento&co’s contest in 2011 and later I joined Bento&co as Bento Specialist. I am living in Norway now but I am originally from Ishikawa in Japan where many of Bento&co’s bento boxes are made. I try to make bentos that are as beautiful as they are delicious, and I like to show you how to add more sparkles in your bento life! - Rie

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