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Bento Weekend 14 Results: Egg Bento!

A few cool bento for Egg bento Bento Weekend!


A Halloween-themed bento with an egg ghost and an egg eyeball! Wow! Gross! (-_^)

From Flore from France.

She's using a few of our products, like Deli Lunch Box, Picks Happa, and Shikiri Bento!


A cool square egg bento. It makes you wonder what kind of chicken that came from! Ha ha! (-_^)

From Keith from the UK.

Well done everyone! For all you others, make sure to join us for the next Bento Weekend, which we'll post about on the blog tomorrow!

See you soon!

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flore - October 19, 2013

thank you so much! it’s a big surprise for me too :)

Oh!bento uk - October 18, 2013

Wow! I Didn’t expect to see my bento as one of the chosen ones! Thank you .

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