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Bento Weekend 14: Eggs Bento!


Scrambled, poached, over-easy,,, any type of egg will do! Join us for this week's Bento Weekend and make a bento with eggs! Bento can make your day (or weekend!), so much better! o(^^o)(o^^)o

And, as always, send us your photos to yourbento@bentoandco.com. The best will be published on the blog, and all participants will receive a voucher for 15% off! ヽ (^ ^ Д) ノ You have until midnight Wednesday to participate.

We'd love it if you'd send us pictures of bento made ​​in our boxes, and we can publish on our website!

Finally, just a reminder that every month we select the best recipe for bento—attach your photo a detailed explanation on making your bento, the selected recipe will appear on the blog, on social networks and even in the newsletter!

Thanks to Instagram user Kokochiyoi for the great bento picture!

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