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Racehorse Kyaraben and about using wooden bento boxes

This is the first time that I am creating a horse character in my bento! Hope you like this racehorse kyaraben.

Ingredients for the racehorse character were brown thin egg sheet, yellow thin egg sheet, seaweed, seaweed and arare.

Arare (あられ) is a kind of bite size Japanese crackers made from glutinous rice.

The bento is packed in the Take Bako box, one of my favorite wooden bento boxes!

Recently I have received several queries about the usage of wooden traditional style bento boxes.

With proper care, wooden bento boxes can last for a really really long time. I love the whole traditional feel and would strongly encourage bento lovers to at least own one traditional bento box.

Wooden bento boxes are able to absorb moisture from the warm rice, keeping it still soft and fluffy even when rice is consumed later (since bento is often not eaten immediately). Yums!


My recommendation would be to avoid packing too oily foods in the bento, and to use food cups and/or wax paper to line your bento and separate your side dishes. This also avoid staining your bento boxes.

To avoid scratches, I would never use knife and metal fork to eat my meal. I usually use wooden chopsticks (and spoon, if need) for my meal.


I also try to wash my bento boxes soon after finishing my meal. Lukewarm water is used when I wash my bento boxes whenever possible. After washing, I dry my bento boxes and let it air for at least 2 days before keeping it away.

Enjoy bento-ing!

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