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F – Floral Bento

Hello! How are you? (^o^)/ I am doing fine and I hope you are, too!

In Norway we have a long and cold winter. The sky is dark and snow and ice are thick for almost 6 months. When spring comes and I start to see colors on the ground I am very happy. I love flowers, specially small nameless roadside wild flowers. It was a beautiful morning in June last year when I took my dog out for a walk and found these beautiful yellow flowers.


It was such a pleasure for my eyes and I got a great inspiration to make a cheerful yellow floral bento. I took them home and started to make my first floral bento…


I still remember how this bento was made, it was like taking the inspiration from the flowers out of my brain and pushed it into shapes, but still I felt like I was outside my body. When you have something so strong in your head you have no choice, just surrender and let the inspiration take over you. This year I made more floral bento and here they are…



White Lilac


Wild Strawberries


Calla (In french it is also Calla I think)




Lily of the Valley


Pink Hydrangea


Bento has no boundaries. We all keep our imagination shine, let us be inspired and make Bento with our heart!

xxx Rie

Rie - Bento specialist, Oslo, Norway

Hello, I love to cook and bake and I enjoy making bento everyday. I was one of the finalists at Bento&co’s contest in 2011 and later I joined Bento&co as Bento Specialist. I am living in Norway now but I am originally from Ishikawa in Japan where many of Bento&co’s bento boxes are made. I try to make bentos that are as beautiful as they are delicious, and I like to show you how to add more sparkles in your bento life! - Rie

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BENTO LOVER - May 10, 2014


EMMY - February 28, 2014

hi Rie!

your Flower-bentos are sooooooo beautiful! _ Wooooowwww

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