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Kitty & Boo Halloween Bento


Since I am going to be in Japan for most part of the October month, I wanted to make an early Halloween Bento to share with you.

Hopefully this would inspire you to make your Halloween theme bento too! ^^

I named today's Halloween bento as Pumpkin Kitty & Boo!

Kitty was made to wear a ‘pumpkin headgear’ and was accompanied by little Boo wearing a hat! I also made a tiny moon character at the side :)

Everything fitted so well in my monbento white box. ^ ^

The sides were yummy today! Heh I have honey soy baked chicken drumstick, grilled pumpkin slice, sauteed tofu squares with prawns, some blanched vegetable sprouts, a kiwi cherry and some lettuce.

The ingredients for the characters were:

  • Kitty with pumpkin headgear (rice, seaweed, egg white, orange deco furikake, cucumber)
  • Boo! (mashed potato, seaweed, egg white, ham, red arare)
  • Arare is a type of tiny fried dough balls
  • Moon (hard boil quail egg, seaweed, ketchup, ham)


Coloring your rice using Deco Furikake

Today I want to share on Deco Furikake. Furikake, is a type of Japanese rice topping that is delicious when scattered over and served with rice.

Deco Furikake is one specifically meant for character bento making where you can add it to create the different colored rice.

There are different brands, but here are some found commercially that you can use for your bento making. Each pack comes with tiny sachets of different ‘colors’.

For me the Deco Furikake is super great for days that you are in a rush for time and also when I need to achieve a color that is harder to do with actual food.

While color like yellow can be achieved naturally by mixing rice with egg. A color like blue would be so much easier to achieve when I use Deco Furikake. Since blue is not a color that exist commonly in natural foods.

I have spotted one of them being sold at Daiso, if not, I usually get my supply at my local Japanese supermarket or online. So check out your nearest Japanese supermarket!

I will talk more about coloring rice for bento making in my upcoming postings!



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