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Bento Weekend recipe winner: Aurélie

As a part of Bento Weekend, we ask the people who send in their photos of their bento to include a recipe and the best one will be shared on our blog, newsletter and social media. Our first winner, for the theme "Sandwich bento", is Aurélie.

She made a croque monsieur with smoked trout, piperade (a French version of peperonata) with three colors of peppers, and small, skewered sandwiches made ​​from rolled omelet, Saint-Nectaire cheese, and a piece of pan-toasted bread with herb butter and garlic. And for dessert, an apple and blackberry crumble. Wow!

And of course, they are all homemade ^ ^

On top of that, she made it in our Totoro Bento Box 650

So, Aurélie's recipe is for her croque monsieur with smoked trout, and she says that she chose it because "it really is a big change from the traditional ham and cheese one, and it is a treat!"  

Croque-monsieur with smoked trout

Ingredients for 6 croque-monsieur

  • 4 slices of smoked trout (it also works very well with smoked salmon)

  • 12 slices of bread (with or without crust is as you prefer)

  • light sour cream

  • grated gruyere cheese

  • a little salt


Mix cream and grated cheese for a sauce that we will spread over all the pieces of bread to cover the surface. Lightly salt the smoked fish. Cut the trout into slices big enough to cover the slices of bread. Place the trout on the slices of bread. Put another slice of bread on top and toast them. Put a little of the sauce on top of toasted sandwiches, and broil in the oven.   There you go!

Well, Aurélie has really done a good job; her recipe is great and the result is beautiful. Won't you all join us for Bento Weekend? It's a great way to make a special moment for your week. What will you make?

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Hope - October 5, 2013

That looks absolutely delicous. I think I’ll try it with some salmon.

Rie - October 1, 2013

Thank you Aurelie for this recipe! We have lots of smoked trout here in Norway and I will try your recipe. Thank you so much!!

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