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D – Donburi recipe


Rie’s Tofu and Shrimp Donburi

Ingredients for 1

  • Frozen black tiger shrimps, defrosted, shelled and deveined - 7
  • Ginger, minced - 10g
  • Garlic, minced - 5g
  • Sesame oil - 1 table spoon
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Firm tofu - ½ pack (about 150g)
  • Corn starch - 3 table spoons
  • Salad oil, Sesame oil - 2 table spoons each
  • Cooked white rice


*This recipe is enough for 4 servings. You can use this sauce for pork, chicken, salad, cold noodles etc. So make this quantity and keep it in your fridge.

  • Soy sauce - 100 cc
  • Red wine vinegar - 100 cc
  • Sugar - 4 table spoon
  • Sesame seeds - 4 tea spoon
  • Green onion, minced - ½ cup
  • Fresh red chili, if you like it hot

image1. Mix all the ingredients of the sauce.

2. Put 1 table spoon of sesame oil into a cup and mix with minced ginger and garlic.

3. Sprinkle some salt on the shrimps and rub with your hand. (Just like you give a massage to the shrimps) When some black water comes out, rinse in cold water. Repeat this twice. Pat dry with a kitchen paper.

4. Put the shrimps into a bowl and add the ginger and garlic mix. Add salt and black pepper. Leave it for 10 minutes.


5. Take tofu out of the package and wrap it with a clean kitchen towel or paper. Take out some excess water as we are frying it in oil later. Cut them into 5 slices. Some more water may come out after you cut, pat dry with a kitchen paper. Coat each slice with corn starch.


6. Heat a frypan over medium-high heat, add 1 table spoon of sesame oil and sautee the shrimps for about 3-4 minutes until cooked. Take the shrimps out on a plate.

7. Add salad oil in the same pan and fry each side of tofu until golden brown. Do not turn over tofu so often, they are soft and you don’t want them to break.. If you manage to pick up browned garlic and ginger and have them pressed on the crisp coat of the tofu, it will add a great flavor to the tofu.


8. Arrange the tofu on the rice and place the shrimps on top. Pour the sauce over it and enjoy! Bon Appetite!


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