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Autumn Bear Bento and Seaside Bear Bento


As mentioned earlier, many of my character bento creations this week will be using mashed potato as I wanted to show you how you can easily use this ingredient in your character bento making (plus I had quite a bit of potatoes left in my house!)

Earlier you saw the Teatime Teddy Bear Sandwich Bento and also the Miffy Bento, both were bread-based bento. Today, I am sharing with you two rice based character bento. They are perfect for lunch!

Autumn Bear Bento

This autumn theme bento packed in the Take Bako bento box has the little teddy character relaxing beside a bed of autumn leaves. I love the colors of this bento, do you? I created the autumn leaves using blanched carrot slices and thin egg sheet. Small cookie cutters were used to make the cutouts.

The little teddy bear was shaped and made from mashed potato. I added some seaweed for the facial features and dabbed two tiny blobs of ketchup to create the rosy cheeks effect.

The meat soboro side dish in this Autumn Bear Bento was also very delicious! My colleagues who took bites from my lunchbox all gave it thumbs up as well! So here is the recipe for you!


Meat Soboro

  • Minced meat 100g (chicken or pork as you prefer)
  • Sake 1tbsp
  • Grated ginger 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar 1tbsp
  • Soy sauce 1tbsp
  • Mirin 1tbsp
  • Sesame oil ½ tsp


  1. Put all the ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix well.
  2. Heat ½ tsp of sesame oil in a non stick pan and cook your minced meat mixture over medium heat.
  3. Using chopsticks, keep stirring the meat mixture as it cooks. You will notice that there is some liquid, it will slowly evaporate as you cook.
  4. When the liquid is almost all gone, your meat soboro is ready (See image for guide). Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
  5. Then it’s on to pack this into your bento!


Seaside Bear Bento

Another fun character bento packed in the Magewappa Classic bento. This time little teddy has gotten a tan! :P

To create the ‘tanned’ look, I simply added some teriyaki sauce (you can use soy sauce, BBQ sauce or any other brown sauce you like) to color the mashed potato. I added seaweed pieces for the sunglasses and nose. This next step is quite tedious (you are warned) - I added really really tiny ham pieces for the tanned pink cheeks look.

In this bento, I also added the turtle and clam characters to complete the seaside theme. The meat soboro is again packed into the bento.

Here are the ingredients for the characters: Little Teddy (mashed potato, teriyaki sauce, seaweed, ham) Beach Deck Chair (carrot strips) Mr Turtle (cucumber, mashed potato, seaweed) Clam (egg sheet, pearl sugar balls topping)

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