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Mini Hamburger Bento

Today let’s have some fun! I created cute little mini hamburgers today for my bento, do you like them?

I made some cha-han (Japanese fried rice) and packed them into my Nagabako Mokume bento box. The side dishes for this mini burger bento were baked chicken fingers, quail egg sunny side up (for him), red currant fruit (for me), blanched broccoli, baked potato fries, cucumber slices.

The mini hamburgers were made from mini sausages, ham, cherry tomato, small piece of lettuce leaf, egg sheet and some sesame seeds.

Hmm… I think this mini hamburger bento is better than eating actual fast food meal? heheh :P

This twin set of bento is for myself and my hubby to bring to work.

My hubby had it for his breakfast since I only used a single tier box for him, so the serving size is not your usual typical men’s size. He however commented that the bento box’s slim design was really slick. I agree!

In fact my single tier fitted perfectly into my handbag. Looking forward to my ‘mini hamburger’ lunch today :-3

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