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Madagascar Bento

I like to move it move it,
He likes to move it move it
She likes to move it move it
You like to, move it !! 〜〜

This song was buzzing in my head as I was making today's bento! Yes, it is Madagascar bento today! I chose my Oyako Kingyo bento box and my characters fit perfectly!

I really enjoyed the Madagascar animation film by Dreamworks in the movie theatre. My favorite characters are Skipper, the leader of the cadre of penguins! He is really funny! And the little lemur, Mort. Mort is super cute and looks so cuddly that I just feel like hugging it.

I hope you like this Madagascar bento, featuring Skipper and Mort! :)

Today’s bento will be served with sautéed vegetables, fruits. I am planning to make a hot bowl of miso soup too. Shall have a light yet still fun meal today!

Ingredients used today for the characters

  • Skipper the penguin (rice, seaweed, carrot, cheese)
  • Mort the lemur (rice, soy sauce, egg sheet, seaweed, bonito flakes)

Bento making tips [Ideas for character bento]

Inspiration for character bento creation come from anything and everything, popular culture is the easiest to start out with since we are mostly surrounded by that in our daily lives. Start by making some of your favourite characters.

Don’t be too ambitious though if you are starting out, start simple first. Like a bunny or teddy then move on to more complicated characters. Start making your bento now!

Shirley - Bento specialist, Singapore

Hello :) I am Shirley, a bento artist/chef and blogger. I started making bento back in 2011 as getting lunch was very inconvenient at work, and in 2012 my blog, Little Miss Onigiri was born. Bento making is a passion that I am fond of, and excited about. My head is often bursting with ideas on what to make. Even when I visit the supermarkets, I often imagine what I can make out of an ingredient or food product. Character bentos are my forte, but I also enjoy making usual bento lunches, bread, sweets and other decorative food items. If you like kawaii and and fun creations, I am sure you will enjoy my blog postings. I will continue to do my best and thanks for staying with me.

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