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B - Baby Boy Bento

Bento&co is a hardworking and capable group of people and they are like a family. When there is a happy event, they celebrate it together. A few days ago, I think someone at Bento&co got a baby boy. :) Congratulations! I am celebrating too and of course with a bento. Today’s blog is a series of photos I took when I made this Baby Boy Bento. 

1, I always draw a rough sketch of the bento first, then a composition test with cups.

2, Making Teddy Bear pics for the bento.

I made 3 small onigiris and 1 is making the baby’s head and face. He is comfortably laying in the yellow paprika crib with 2 teddy bears and I filled the paprika with lots of chedder cheese. Okazu are carrot salad with french mustard and lemon juice, Cucumber pickles with fresh red Shiso, Sausage flowers and Edamame, a fried egg, tomato salad, boiled green asparagus and Pepper Beef steak. 

3. It is a mini cupcake baking cup. I cut it and made a hat and a blanket for the baby.

Wow, he is already talking! :)

Congratulations, Erico and Thomas!

xxxx Rie


Rie - Bento specialist, Oslo, Norway

Hello, I love to cook and bake and I enjoy making bento everyday. I was one of the finalists at Bento&co’s contest in 2011 and later I joined Bento&co as Bento Specialist. I am living in Norway now but I am originally from Ishikawa in Japan where many of Bento&co’s bento boxes are made. I try to make bentos that are as beautiful as they are delicious, and I like to show you how to add more sparkles in your bento life! - Rie

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