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Bento Weekend 9: Back-to-School Bento!


Here we are in early September, with which the the return to school has already started for some, and looming for others.

Therefore it's only natural that we give you this theme for Bento Weekend: Back to School Bento!

Is your child going back to school soon? Prepare them a delicious lunch in their favorite box, or make them a snack they can enjoy at recess. (^ V ^)

Back-to-school is not only for children! College students, teachers, educators, they all have back-to-school too, don't they? Start back the best you can by making a beautiful and delicious lunch.

To participate, send us your photos The most original will be published on our blog and all participants will receive a voucher for 15% off their next order at Bento&co! Please use a box from Bento&co. Send us your pictures before midnight Wednesday.

Finally, we have surprise for all you Bento Weekend fans:

Each month, we will select the recipe that seems the most appetizing and the lucky winner will be published on our blog, social media and in our newsletter, with a high-praise for the Bento Weekender that made it!

To be eligible, send us the complete recipe of your bento (not just what it is made of composes), why not with, your tricks or details on the ingredients used. Feel free to send pictures of how you made it along with.

The winner of this month will be published in early October!

We welcome your participation! ヽ ( ⌒ ∇ ⌒ ) ノ

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