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Little Miss Bento Special: Pooh Bear in Free and Easy Square Bento Box

New bento toys always get me excited. 
Was really happy to receive this Free and Easy Square Bento Box from Bento&Co's latest Showa collection
The bento box caught my eye first for its stylish modern look and feel. 
It even comes with a cool gel lid to ensure that my bento stays fresh and yummy! Cool Tip: Place the gel cool in the freezer the day before and simply pack with your bento in the following morning!
I chose my favourite colour of white with a lovely grey combination. 
This two tiered box also meant that I could have several compartments for my dishes. 
For others who also pack their bento box to work like me, its leak proof lid is also perfect for people on the go. 
If you need larger serving, go for their L sized Free and Easy Long series.
To fill up this 510ml bento box, I made Winnie the Pooh. Who doesn't love Pooh bear? 
Pooh bear was coloured naturally using Japanese rice mixed with egg. And the side dishes included some grilled Yuzu salmon and blanched broccoli, lettuce and strawberry. 
I also matched the bento with some carrots cut out using Winnie the Pooh vegetable cutters. 
Winnie the Pooh ingredients
- 120g cooked Japanese rice
- 2 hard boiled eggs (yolk only) 
*you can reduce to just one 1 egg yolk but the yellow colour will be lighter. 
-sushi seaweed
1. Add the egg yolk to the rice and mix well until the rice is coloured evenly. 
2. Divide the rice into approx 4g, 4g, 4g, 4g, 8g, 8g, 8g, 80g. 
3. Shape 80g of rice into a compact oval shape rice ball using cling wrap. Add 3 x 8g of rice to form the shape of the cheeks. 
4. Shape 4g of rice into a round shape for the ear. Repeat for the other 4g of rice. 
5. Shape 4g of rice  into a small tubular shape for the hand. Repeat for the other 4g of rice.
6. Then using scissors, cut the details of Winnie the Pooh from sushi seaweed. Assemble the parts together for your bento.  
I hope you have fun trying out this recipe and get inspired to make more cute bento with the Free and Easy Square Bento Box!
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