Bento Weekend: Three-color Bento!

Posted by Thomas Bertrand on

For this week's Bento Weekend, we're asking you to get a little creative and make a three-color bento.

Three-color bento is a thing here in Japan and usually it is green, yellow, and brown in white rice (the white rice doesn't count!), but for your three-color bento we want you to use any three colors you want—make your country's flag or whatever, but please use natural colors from food, so no dye, ok? We know that might be hard, but we thought it would be a fun challenge (^-^)

Send us your photos The most original ones will be published on our blog, and all participants will receive a voucher for 15% off their next purchase!

You have until midnight Wednesday to participate. ヾ (@ ゜ ∇ ゜ @) ノ

We welcome your photos! ('∇ ノ `*) ノ

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