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Rie's Stunning Christmas Bento (Video)

One of our favorite segments, Bento by Rie, returns with another inspiring video. This time, our resident Bento Chef is cooking up a Christmas bento- playing with the festive colors of red and green.

Her okazu (side dishes) include: a grilled shrimp bacon roll, lobster kanikama and edamame salad, tamagoyaki omelette rolls, boiled broccoli, daikon radish and carrot namasu salad.

After cooking up these delicious dishes, Rie then plates them in an elegant manner to create a bento Christmas wonderland!

Rie used our Silicone Square Cups and Food Cutters to make this festive arrangement.

Doesn’t it look amazing? We hope Rie’s video will inspire you to make your own Christmas-themed bento!

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