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The not-so-secret Japanese cooking world secret

We know you like to cook and just might be interested in Japanese food, which is why we wanted to introduce you to Cookpad, the #1 cooking site in Japan. It might not be know to you because, well, it is in Japanese, but that doesn't mean you can't use it. You can. It is a way to learn great new recipe and a great learning experience in general.

So, this is Cookpad. Don't be scared by all the Japanese-- we'll tell you how to deal with that.



As I am sure you've figured out by now, you can navigate just by pictures. Just clicking around and looking at new things will give you great ideas for your meals and bentos.



Another great way to navigate the site is by just typing in English in the search box-- the site's search box translate understands the English and shows the Japanese for it, as you can see below. This way you can find recipes for sushi, udon or even, my favorite, kinpira gobo. Many of the recipe titles have the names of words in roman characters so that will help you out too.



When you get to the recipe, if you want to know exactly how to make it you can use tools like Google Translate to give you an English version of the page.



Another way you can use it is by using a great tool called Rikaichan. It allows you to put your mouse over words and get the English. It takes more time, but it is much easier to understand this way. You can get Rikaichan for Firefox and, its cousin, Rikaikun for Chrome.



So, get out there, explore and learn about some new foods and, hopefully, some new words (^-^)



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