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Japanese Winter Food

Love Japanese food? Interested in seeing something uniquely japanese?

If any country has seasonal food then it's Japan. Every season and month has its own special dishes cultivated to fit the changing temperatures and freshest produce, so has each region and prefecture their own specialties. Japanese cuisine simply never ceases to impress, from Okinawan bitter melon to Hokkaido seafood you'll never find a dull dish.

In this post we want to introduce a Kyoto winter season speciality that is just gorgeous. Winter time gets quite cold in Japan and with traditional houses reflecting the outside weather far too much, hotpots have always been the go to dish to keep warm when the temperature drops. In Kyoto you can enjoy the original Wild Boar hotpot! Apart from a venison tastier than anything you have ever had before, the beautiful fat flowers are among the best garnish you'll ever see. Just look at the amazing photos!



Can't make it to Kyoto? Don't worry! you can cook up a hotpot inspired dish at home! Prepare a stew with dashi stock and mirin to create the japanese flavour, fill it with vegetables of the winter and your choice of meat - it will be great - and just like we enjoy it here :)

Let this post inspire you when you make winter stews and  bring your hotpot to lunch in one of our new seasonal winter bentos - exclusively available at Bento & Co.

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