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All about Magewappa Bento Box

Today we want to introduce you to some truly spectacular boxes -  Magewappa Bento boxes! 

Magewappa means bent wood ware in Japanese, and when you see photos of these beautiful boxes you’ll understand why!


Click on the picture to see our Magewappa Collection online!

Given its technique, it's quite a unique item, and certainly one of the most beautiful series of Bento boxes we have. When making Magewappa, only the finest Japanese cedar wood is used. 

Cedar wood has a long history of usage in Japan and is really the traditional wood of choice, often thanks to the light scent that cedar wood gives of, its really something special about the smell that will mesmerise you. The trees used for the manufacturing often are centenarian and give a lightly pink colour from the wood's ribs.

What is incredible with these boxes, is the manufacturing technic: straight parts of Akita cedar are bent to form the sides of the box, and fastened with dark bark or wooden stripes.

An authentic Magewappa is entirely handmade by Japanese artisans from Odate in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Handling one should be done with outmost respect to make it last for years we have completed the following list of tips! 

  • Transport it in style! You should wrap it in a Furoshiki or in a fabric bag.
  • Avoid Soaking, Storing in Fridge or a Dry place
  • Please wash it with lukewarm water and without detergent, then let it air dry
  • Don’t try to microwave or use a dishwasher 

Here is a picture to illustrate the best way to let a Magewappa box dry after washed it. The box should be put in this position to reduce contact with the table and keep it as dry as possible:

picture from Rie's Bento & Cooking


It's such a gorgeous box, just look at these great photos of Magewappa Bentos!
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