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Here is how you can (simply) adorn your bento every morning

Today, we asked ourself a very basic yet critical thing: How to cook a great bento? 
Aesthetics and gustative qualities are of course the common answers to that rather tricky question, but they eventually lead to even further interrogations ... Do not worry, we've got some tricks for you here! (^^)-

Do not except a complete guide to Bento cooking here (that would require far more than a blog post): we will instead focus on bento decoration and some of the tools you can use to put a bit of magic in your lunchbox. It's almost a national hobbit in Japan, so we thought you may want to know more about it too! (^^)/ 

Most of Bento adornment can be done with an handful of accessories that we listed here, so make sure to check it if you want to sublimate your dishes :

1 Molds

They let you shape your ingredients in the smoothest way: molds are at the basis of food decoration. They are actually very practical and handy, not only for making cute little characters but also for your onigiri or sushi: it's way more faster than to do it with your bare hands!

Now here is something even cooler about them: You can use your molds to shape foods that you hadn't though about before... Like eggs! This works wonder and will inevitably grab attention among your relatives: so cute!

2 Cutters and Punchs

With cutters, we're getting one step further in food adornments and they will need you a bit more concentration. It is not that hard though, and cutting your egg-sheets, cheddar, vegetables, pasta, nori or even sandwiches will really add something adorable in your boxes. The more details the more fun!

Photo by Maki 

3 Food Picks

Easy to use yet full of colorful possibilities; here come the food picks! They come in all kind of shapes and colors and can be truly useful to make your bento shine but just make sure to stick to this basic rule: never add too much of them! You wouldn't like your favorite to look like Sonic right?


4 Cups and accessories

Bento are like drawings or a good track: they need a good background to stand out and this is often as important as the main parts. Make sure to combine the color of your cups and separators with the dishes to grab the perfect harmony for your lunch.

5 And the vital tool you shouldn't overlook

There is no surprise here: you will definitively need a good kitchen knife to add your own style by cutting, slicing and chopping through your ingredients. We really like the overall quality of Japanese blades and will heart-wholly recommend at least one of them in your kitchen.

What's the final secret?

Well, you know: dedication and time! (^^) But trust us; with the right tools you bento will immediately look better and improve over the time. It really worth the try after all: a good looking bento will easily spice up your day ^^ 

Do you know some tips to decorate your lunches? Want to share them? Leave us a comment! :)



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