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Cuteness overload ♪♪

Finding new tricks to make your next creation shine is one of the most exciting part of cooking. We all love to be surprised, don't we? (^^) In Bento making, this concept is pushed even further since you are virtually free to play with any parameters to invent new shapes and combinaisons. How stimulating!

The kind of tools you are going to need for it


One of our favorite bento secret is egg molding, which is often performed thanks to accessories such as our cute Yude Tama. It's basically as simple as that: place your warm boiled egg in the mold, cool it, wait for a few minutes to get a super funny shaped-egg. This never fails to make friends and relatives say WOW at lunch time! (^^)

This has to be the coolest egg I have ever seen.

Bento artists from all over the world are taking the idea one step further to shape cute characters: they used shaped eggs, molds, cutters and food coloration to recreate the details of our favorite manga or cute atmosphere. Then it's only a matter of imagination and time to get such great results. And you can do it too!

Possibilities are endless 

So before getting your eggs and molds, click the following link and find inspiration thanks to the dozens of exemple gathered on the blog I New IdeaWe would also love to see what you can imagine, so don't hesitate to send us the result at We'll share the best eggs on our Facebook!


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