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Obentogram: beautiful partnership!

Remember Ryoko at Obentogram? We wrote about her in a previous post a few weeks back and her delightful, simple, stunning creations ~ here

We are very excited to announce that we have now started a partnership with Obentogram where Ryoko uses our products to create amazing Bento experiences. Each time we get a batch of her photos we are so excited to see them - they are really that beautiful! 

This time around she has used rustic, simple and elegant Wakayama Bento to prepare two distinctly different dishes, each mouth watering and more or less a little art piece - to enjoy the meals she uses stylistic and chic Cutlery Set Appetite by Black + Blum, now - feast your eyes on this!


In this healthy Grilled Salted Mackerel Bento we get an explosion of natural fresh colors, with details such as the Umeboshi (pickled plum) and the sesame seeds creating that extra amazing touch. Apart from the fish and the rice Ryoko has cooked up a delightful vegetable dish of kimpira lotus roots, simmered chikuwa, squash and green beans in Dashi broth, Vinegared shredded carrot and dried daikon, pickled Nozawana leaves, carrot and kumquat and boiled edamame - worthy a michelin restaurant menu right? 

With a red Furoshiki as backdrop Ryoko uses the same Wakayama Bento to create an entirely different creation, a “Omuraisu” Bento (fried rice omelette). Simple but difficult to perfect! On the side of the beautiful omelette is a signature salad with green shoots, strawberry and kumquat. On top we get prawn, broccoli and hardboiled egg salad - Delicious! 

Get inspired by Obentogram’s creations and stay tuned for our next collaboration ~

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