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One of the best place to learn bento: Little Miss Bento blog update!


Bento is an Art

If you're familiar with Bento&co and its blog, then you should know how much we like the blogger and chef Little Miss Bento (aka Shirley) and her bento. Everything she touches turns into gold adorably cute creations - she is a true cooking genius. But beyond her unique creative abilities, Shirley has also proven to be a great teacher and does wonders for all the beginners craving to learn the finest bento technics. Her posts are must-see if you have any interests in bento (well, if you are reading these lines there is no way you do not like these Japanese specialities, right? ^^).

Note: Shirley has released a few articles (especially about Kyaraben) on our tips&recipe section. Why don't you start your cook journey here? :) 

Blog fresh update and more to come

Speaking of which, we recently were delighted to discover the full revamp of her official blog and let me say it straight out - it's mind-blowing! Everything is right in its place, the overall design is brighter than ever and information are so easy to grasp that you no more have excuses to not become a true bento master. Looking for nifty cooking tips or just some splendid dishes to gaze at? It's our bento recommendation of the month. (^^)/

Little miss bento's new blog

Ps: Little miss bento is currently working hard on her first cookbook. Stay tuned!


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