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Your Japanese Bento at Home 2 : Little Red Riding Hood (For Beginner)

Greetings to all of you bento cooking artists. Have you read our first article on Cooking Japanese Bento already? Did you take the time to apply Akinoichigo's advices to your cooking?

I hope so, because this week i have a whole new batch of recipe's hints and techniques to share with you again, from her nice blog. And we're going to cook 2 little cute characters that look a lot like Little red Riding Hood from the famous fairytale. Isn't it something? ... '^^
Please feel free to use and adapt all the technics listed here to your own bentos, and find new creative ways to decorate your daily lunch. By the way, i'd be truly pleased if you mail me some of your best attempt to our mail address (

And Now... Japanese Cooking !

First let check the ingredients we'll need for this bento:

  • One colored eggsheet (with Ketchup). This one can be a little bit tricky to make, so i will add an useful link at the bottom of this post. You can actually change it for a thin slice of Bacon or Ham. Today, we are going to use rectangular (rough 5 x 6 cm) slices.
  • 2 Quail Eggs
  • One sheet of Nori (Japanese Seaweed)
  • Carrots
  • Pasta

As you can guess, there is nothing you can't find at your local supermarket in that list (with the exception of Nori, which is easily available on Internet or Asian Grocery). Because the more time we spend cooking (rather than looking for ingredients), the better it is. (^^-)

The Recipe Itself

Let's start by getting our eggsheet (or ham, bacon) slices ready. They will be used as the hoods for our characters. 
Now, we'll boil the quail eggs for 8 minutes and peel them. Once done, use a knife to cut the upper part out (see picture for references).
Wrap your two eggs in the slices and use the pasta to stick it. Notice how the slices and the eggs roughly have the same size.
Let's have our background ready now by cooking rice and side dishes to add inside. You can then add the two little pre-characters on top of it.
Cutting the hairs and face details from the nori sheet'll again required some serious meticulous skill, but don't forget that you can use nori punch like these to make it a lot easier.
Spread mayonnaise on the "egg face" and use it as an adhesive to stick your nori hairs first.
Before adding the face details, boil the carrot, slice it and use a straw to cut perfectly round and small nose. Easy&Kawaii! 
You can finally add them and the nori details to complete your Little Red Riding Hood Bento. Otsukare sama desu (Good Work).
Suggestion for the side dishes : Chicken Roll, Small sausages , Grated Carrots, Broccoli

Et voila! Once you get used to it, it's one of the easiest kyaraben to practice with and kids'll surely love them. Plus there are so many variations to imagine... until next time's recipe! Have a nice week (-^^-)
* To cook the eggsheet  : Bentolicious has a wonderful tutorial on this just right here and if you need a tamagoyaki pan you need to check this link. :)
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