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Bento Week End 23: A bento for 2

Happy New Year! Indeed, it has been a while since our last Bento Weekend event but brace yourself; it was worth waiting for as we got a little surprise for all of you! (‘∀’●)

Since the very beginning, all participants of our weekly contest have regularly surpassed themselves, with even more fresh ideas each time. So now we have decided to set an open yet challenging theme: we ask you to cook a bento for two people!

You guessed right; Valentine's day is coming in a few days and that will be the perfect time to eat these bentos with your beloved one (by the way, it's not too late to find a nice present ; ). But this week challenge also welcomes any bento contribution cooked for two people. May it be someone of your family, a friend or any relatives; let's find someone to share a good meal and a great time with! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Now concerning the bento itself, it can really be anything you want as long as it stresses the duality (or unity) of the theme. Ingredients, colors, characters, shapes or arrangement itself: there are a lot of parameters to play with. Here is one simple suggestion: in a round box filled with rice, use furikake and colored ingredients to recreate a yin-and-yang like shape of 2 main colors. This is a basic one but we really are looking forward what kind of original ideas you will bring ! (^-^)

Contributions are welcomed until wednesday, february 12th 2014. So be sure to send us your photos to The best will be published on the blog, and all participants will receive a voucher for 15% off! ヽ (^ ^ Д) ノ 

We'd love it if you'd send us pictures of bento made ​​in our boxes, and we can publish on our website!



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