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Bento Week end 22 : Christmas Bento ! Results

Merry Christmas to all of You ! ᒄ₍⁽ˆ⁰ˆ⁾₎ᒃ♪♬
Did you have a great Christmas Eve's dinner? It really is the perfect time for Gourmets. And according to the contributions we recieved this week, it also a favourable period for creativity and neat ideas.Our participants for this 22th Bento Week end have done their best to add a Christmas flavor in our favorite boxes!
Let's take the time to remember all the good things that 2013 brang us and appreciate the work of Rie, Laulotte, Shirley and Aurélie.


Most of you already know Rie. She always make nice cooking and writes interesting articles full of surprising information that you may like. Check it here. She sent us that wonderful Christmas Bento :

There was also a short message coming with : "Cat family is also happy at Christmas! I have roasted turkey with Scandinavian tyttebær sauce, tomatoes, ham flowers, cauliflower salad.". Rie is living in Norway for years and you can feel that influence in her dishes. By the way, aren't these little kitties made from Nori so cute ?
Thank you Rie!


Speaking of Bento specialist, let me introduce you Laulotte's contribution :

Laulotte gives us more explanations about the ingredients used : "Here is my contribution for this Week's event : A christmas three Bento made with Soboro Beef!  Christmas Baubles are from croque-monsieur cheese and cheddar. The three lying on a rice nest is coming with tamagoyaki and a ham flower. In the second box you have some Soboro, vegetarian kimpira and tamagoyaki."

Let's be honest : i was sooo waiting for a christmas bento that would include traditionnal japanese ingredients such as soboro. It was worth it! As usual with Laulotte, she offers us a great bento composition that instantly makes you super hungry! :)


Let's now take a flight to Singapore, home place of our bento specialist Shirley. Influenced by the sunny climat this city-state enjoys, she always cooks us fresh bento with elaborate layouts. Notice how she was able to put so much life in the character : Shirley is indeed a kyarabento (bento character) specialist ! This bento is packed in our traditionnal Take Bako bento box.  


Last but not least, Aurélie sent us not just one but three beautiful bento! You may have thought that with quantity would have come lesser quality but look at these nice pics : each of them are with no doubt great christmas bento!


Cherry tomatos, Cucumber, Spinnach, Black Olives, Heart of Palm,Soja Sauce, Makis and Coconuts



Barley Sugar, Apples, Cucumber, Cranberries, Pop corns, White Grape, Spinnach



♫ ♪ It is the beautiful Christmas Eve
snow extends his white coat ♫ ♪

Lentils, Nori, French Beans, Black Olives, Radish, Sesame, Carrot, Bretzel, Cucumber, Red Apple, Sushi Rice

Do you like Aurélie's work? For more information and further details i really recommend to browse her blog (it is in French, but you may find useful tricks anyway. Check her youtube channel too! : ).


We warmly thank all the participants of this week's event and also all the people that have helped since the very beginning to make the Bento Weekend such a great source of inspiration. For all of you Bento lovers, all around the World.

Bento&co is going to take a week off to rest and get ready for the year to come. We are very exciting at the idea of bringing even more new ideas and original products to you!

Our Team wishes you a Happy New year from Kyoto and looks forward to see you next year! Bye ^ ^

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