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Bento Weekend 21 Results : Pumpkin Bento

This week, the theme of Bento Weekend was "Birthday Bento", marking the fifth anniversary of the creation of Bento&co. One that fits perfectly Fall and its warm and blazing colors !

Expect to see all kind of Pumpkins of course, but also spicy meat, japanese dishes and some great desserts.
Now have a look at this week's submission (^-^ /


Let's start with Natalie's Pumpkin Bento she sent us from Switzerland. It is a nice mix of salty dishes and sweet desserts,and comes with some useful information : 

 - Pumpkin Soup (Covered with paprika and soft curry)
 - Fromage blanc 0% mixed with mashed nuts (decoration are made Goji, nuts and sea buckthorn juice)
 - Fruits bread with some pistachio
 - One mandarin
Lots of interesting and nicely arranged fruits and spices in that one. Thanks Natalie for your great creation!


Let's have a look now at what Sophie cooked us, packed in the funny Nokorimono bento box (one of my favourite ^^).

"- A pumpkin Souflé: Mix of mashed potatoes with pumpkin, egg yolk and whipped egg white 
- Caramelized Pork : Thanks to Amélie from ("A vos baguettes") ^^
- Kayaku gohan : A variation on one of the Rie recipe in which i added leek, Champignon de Paris, a pumpkin   and a boiled egg ."
What a tasty bento you cooked us Sophie! Rie and Amélie will be delighted to see how great you made with the help of their advices ( ^◡^)


And finally the amazing pumpkin bento from Isabelle, packed in our green Kinoko Bento box. Don't you like these cute flags from Japan and France ? (ノ^∇^) Isabelle cooked us some potimarron (red kuri squash).

 Cupcake is potimarron and meat. Side dishes are lamb's lettuce with yellow and red cherry tomatoes (to add some colors). Dessert are lychees and a small colored Babybel shaped with cutters.
I found the recipe for potimarron and meat on Ochikeron youtube channel.
I like those videos. It is in English and the name of the ingredients are clearly displayed. They are easy to understand and presented in a very Kawaii way. You can find Japanese bento but also some western food packed in a japanese wood. A Must-See!
Thanks Isabelle for these great bento and suggestion. I didn't about this youtube channel but will have a look ! 
And that is all for the Bento Weekend 21! Thanks again to all participants ! We will post our new theme tomorrow Bento Weekend and look forward to your new creations. Good Bento Weekend one and all! ((o^▽^o))♪ 

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