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Christmas Sushi Bento

I was teaching over the weekend and some extra sushi rice, hanpen and ebiko. So I decided to make myself a sushi art roll bento today.

I love using wooden bento boxes. Do you know that they make your rice taste better? The wood absorbs the excess moisture, keeping your rice nice and fluffy even when eaten cold.

Since I am in the festive mood, I made a Christmas wreath sushi art roll. At the centre I added a small Hello Kitty character made from hanpen. Hope you like this christmas bento!

The side dishes were steamed prawns, lettuce, cucumber, grilled eel, holland peas, small mandarin orange and strawberries.

For the kazarimaki sushi, these were the ingredients:

  • Red Ribbon and deco balls in the sushi roll (sushi rice with ebiko)
  • Christmas wreath roll (sushi rice with edamame beans for the outer ring, sushi rice with sakura denbu for the inner circle)
  • Stars (egg sheet)

For Hello Kitty, here were the ingredients:

  • Face (hanpen)
  • Eyes & whiskers (seaweed)
  • Mistletoe (green egg sheet and arare)
  • Nose (egg sheet)


Shirley - Bento specialist, Singapore

Hello :) I am Shirley, a bento artist/chef and blogger. I started making bento back in 2011 as getting lunch was very inconvenient at work, and in 2012 my blog, Little Miss Bento was born. Bento making is a passion that I am fond of, and excited about. My head is often bursting with ideas on what to make. Even when I visit the supermarkets, I often imagine what I can make out of an ingredient or food product. Character bentos are my forte, but I also enjoy making usual bento lunches, bread, sweets and other decorative food items. If you like kawaii and and fun creations, I am sure you will enjoy my blog postings. I will continue to do my best and thanks for staying with me.

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